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Silver Eagle Final Expense Life Insurance

Prepare for End-of-Life Expenses

Purchasing life insurance is one way to protect your loved ones from the costs associated with end-of-life expenses. Funeral costs, medical bills, and outstanding debt are just a few of the costs your loved one's may face when you pass away, so why not protect them from it? 

ELCO Mutual's Silver Eagle Final Expense can help you do just that. With this participating whole life policy, you can protect your family from many of the typical end-of-life expenses.

What is Whole Life Insurance?

Just as the name implies, whole life insurance is designed to provide insurance protection for your entire life*. This type of coverage offers many benefits in addition to longevity. A guaranteed death benefit, level premiums, and guaranteed cash value growth are just a few of the advantages of purchasing a whole life policy.

Available Options

ELCO Mutual offers two different final expense life insurance policies: a level benefit and a modified death benefit. The primary differences between the two products are the death benefit and premium. The level benefit offers an immediate death benefit and lower premiums, whereas the modified death benefit offers a return of premium plus interest during the first two policy years and elevated premiums. The reason for this difference is based on health. The modified benefit is designed for those who may have some health conditions that prevent them from qualifying for other policies. Both products are simplified issue, which means no medical exams or tests. Your eligibility is simply determined by answering a few basic health questions and a point-of-sale telephone interview. 

Product Details

Silver Eagle Level Benefit

  • Issue ages 50-85
  • Face amounts of $2,500 to $35,000
  • Participating, eligible for ELCO Mutual's non-guaranteed dividends
  • Immediate death benefit
  • Guaranteed coverage as long as premiums are paid
  • Single pay life rider (total face amount between the rider and the base policy cannot exceed $35,000)

Silver Eagle Modified Benefit

  • Issue ages 50-80
  • Face amounts of $2,500 to $25,000
  • Participating, eligible for ELCO Mutual's non-guaranteed dividends
  • Return of premium plus 10% interest during the first two policy years with the full death benefit available at the beginning of the third policy year
  • Guaranteed coverage as long as premiums are paid

*Guaranteed coverage dependent on premiums being paid. Premiums payable to age 100 and policy matures at age 121. 

This brochure is not a contract. Descriptions of policy provisions are only partial. In the event of a conflict, the policy will govern. ELCO Mutual and its representatives are not legal or tax advisors. For legal and/or tax advice, please see your tax/legal advisor.

Policy Forms: ICC19-FE19 and ICC19-MWL19 Application Form: ICC19-FEAPP19

This plan is not available in all states, for availability contact ELCO's home office.