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Building a Better Future with Reliable Partners

When it comes to securing a solid financial future and taking care of your clients or family, having strong and supportive partners by your side is important. Whether you seek peace of mind for your family, wish to see your dreams fulfilled, or want to ensure your clients have the best insurance policies and plans, ELCO Mutual Life & Annuity is here to be your trusted and dedicated partner. Let's work together to create a brighter and more secure future.

I have worked with ELCO for nearly a decade and the biggest reason that keeps me coming back is their customer service. They really care about their agents and their agents’ clients. I love working with a company that I can TRUST!

Megan D.

Expertise and Experience By the Numbers

At ELCO Mutual, we do things a bit differently. While we monitor our metrics and know our numbers, we’re more focused on service. We’re true partners, looking for ways that we can leverage our experience and expertise to help you when you need it most.

77 + years
of servicing policyholders
$ 427 million
in benefits paid in 2022
$ 1 + billion
in admitted assets

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Initial Guaranteed Rate (APY*)







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Regular Income Payments Don’t Need to End When Retirement Begins

Multi-year guaranteed annuities (MYGAs) ensure you’ll get to experience financial freedom well into your retirement years. These tax-deferred annuities allow you to grow your money while guaranteeing income when you’re ready to retire.
  • For Agents: Help annuitants discover the power of MYGAs, all at a low-risk
  • For Policyholders: Prioritize a worry-free future with annuities that grow overtime

Myths About Life Insurance

Do you think you’re adequately covered because your employer offers life insurance?

Have you been told that people without children don’t need an insurance policy? Download our free ebook to read some of the myths surrounding life insurance and get to the facts about why a policy can put you on the path to a secure future.

8 Myths Cover

What Type of Life Insurance is Right for Me? Ebook

Purchasing life insurance is a simple way to provide financial stability for your loved ones. In most cases, life insurance policies can provide tax-free death benefits to beneficiaries. When it’s time to start thinking about life insurance, it’s important to begin by understanding the different types that are available and how they meet different needs. The broadest categories of life insurance are term and permanent policies. In this ebook, we’ll look at these two main types of life insurance, some of the variations you can find within them, and how to decide which type of plan is best for you.

What Type of Life Insurance is Right for Me (2)