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Providing Service, Stability, & Protection Since 1946

Employees Life Company was founded in 1946 and first opened its doors in downtown Chicago, Illinois. Over the course of the past 70 plus years we have seen many changes, including three moves, two mergers, and one significant name change. Today we are known as ELCO Mutual Life and Annuity and are located in Lake Bluff, IL, which we’ve had the pleasure of calling home for over 35 years.

Here at ELCO, we define ourselves simply as service, stability, and protection. We take pride in the fact that every call is answered by an actual person, a trend that seems to be disappearing. We’ve been servicing the senior market for over 30 years and plan on continuing that tradition for years to come. We offer an array of products that can be used to help you prepare for retirement, including our line of multi-year guaranteed tax-deferred annuities and our unique portfolio of life insurance products. 

If you’re interested in an annuity, our life insurance products, or just want to know more about our company, give us a call or email us and we’d be happy to answer your questions.

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ELCO has policies designed for every age group.

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If you are looking to file an automotive claim with Elco Administrative Services (Enterprise Leasing Company), please contact them using the link below.

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