Preneed Insurance

Preneed Insurance Steps in When Your Family Needs It Most

At ELCO Mutual, we pride ourselves on taking care of others. It's why we value preneed insurance. Losing a loved one can be stressful, so taking care of your family when they need it most matters. Preeneed insurance takes the added stress of making funeral arrangements from your loved ones by planning ahead. You can work with a funeral home to make important decisions ahead of time and cover the costs associated with a funeral. That means your loved ones can focus on family, not finances.


Product Availability

You’re unique, and you need a life insurance policy to match. We offer plans that can accommodate a wide variety lifestyles and income levels, but how do you know which is the best fit? Your current budget and future goals play a role in determining the policy that will set you up for the most financial success. Let us help you find your match.

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* Qualified funds only.
Deposit type only.

Policy Details

Who Is Eligible for a Preneed Insurance Policy?

Eligibility for preneed policies varies depending on the payment option you select.

Guaranteed Issue Single Pay:
This policy can be issued to individuals up to age 95 and requires no underwriting.

The ages at which this type of policy can be issued are dependent upon the number of years over which payments will be spread.

  • 3-pay: age 90
  • 5-pay: age 85
  • 7-pay: age 80
  • 10-pay: age 80

This product also requires you to answer two basic health questions to qualify.

preneed funeral planning with elderly couple

How do I plan my funeral arrangements?

With ELCO Mutuals Preneed insurance, you'll work directly with a funeral home to make decisions about your funeral before your death. This means you still get to choose the funeral home of your choice and work with a funeral home director who knows you, your family, and your final wishes.

A single premium means this policy’s death benefit helps fund your funeral. The policy can be assigned to your funeral home, which will then own the rights and receive the death benefit as payment to cover your funeral expenses.


Why get preneed through ELCO Mutual?

We offer great opportunities for financial growth. While they are not guaranteed, the potential dividends you may qualify for are delivered as one-year term additions.

Yes, there are single pay and multi-pay options available for preneed insurance. Single pay requires a larger sum of money up front (with a minimum premium of $500), while multi-pay allows this money to be spread over a longer period of time.


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