Final Expense Insurance

Securing End-of-Life Expenses

Ensure there will be funds available for medical expenses, funeral costs, and other financial obligations at the time of your death. An unexpected medical event can be very costly; don’t leave this monetary burden to your family.

Policy Details

Why get a final expense policy through ELCO Mutual?

We offer one of the lowest premiums and one of the only participating final expense products currently on the market, and qualifying for coverage is easy.

Are there different types of policies available?

Yes, ELCO Mutual offers both level and modified death benefits.

The level benefit is simplified issue, which means you only have to answer a few questions to determine your eligibility. This policy includes face amounts of $2,500-$35,000; an immediate, guaranteed death benefit; and an available single pay life rider to enhance your coverage.

The modified benefit is available if you have certain health conditions that prevent you from qualifying for the standard coverage. This policy includes face amounts of $2,500-$25,000 and a return of premium plus 10% interest for the first two policy years, with the full benefit beginning in year three.

Both policies are participating, meaning they are eligible for dividend growth.

Who Is Eligible for a Final Expense Policy

The level benefit policy is available for individuals between ages 50-85, and the modified benefit policy can be issued to people between 50-80 years old.