Flexible Premium Deferred Annuity

Guardian Eagle Flex Annuity

A flexible premium deferred annuity is a simplified product offering that is used to grow your money over time. While most annuities only allow for a single payment, this flexible product gives you the choice of making just one contribution or a series of payments—whichever better fits your budget. Because this annuity is tax-deferred, your money is not taxed until it’s withdrawn, so it will keep accumulating over time with a guaranteed minimum crediting interest rate.

Product Details

Why choose a flexible premium deferred annuity?

This annuity gives you the ability to customize your retirement planning strategy and ensure that you are receiving continued growth for later in life. Additionally, you can open this annuity with as little as $100.

How can I contribute?

You may choose to contribute in many ways—the amount and frequency of each contribution is entirely up to you. Premium contributions can be as little as $100 with the total amount being as high as $100,000 per year (premiums exceeding $100,000 will require home office approval).

When can I withdraw my money?

The longer your money grows, the more you will receive when it is withdrawn. We offer free withdrawal of interest after the first 30 days following your purchase, and 15% penalty-free withdrawal of the principal once per contract year after the first contract year. You may withdraw your money at any time; however, there is a withdrawal penalty period for the first five years of your contract.

Years 1-4: 5% charge
Year 5: 1% charge
Year 6 and beyond: 0% charge

What is the APY (annual percentage yield) interest rate?

The Guardian Eagle Flex has a 2.50% APY current crediting interest rate. This rate is subject to change, but will not drop below the guaranteed minimum of 1.00% APY.

Who qualifies for a flexible premium deferred annuity?

This product may be a good choice if you’re looking to grow your savings, prepare for retirement, and ensure future financial stability. The maximum issue age is 90 years old.

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