Golden Eagle Ordinary Life

Continuous Pay Whole Life Insurance

As the standard form of whole life insurance, continuous pay whole life is among the leaders of traditional products. Unlike term life insurance, traditional whole life policies accumulate cash value on a tax-deferred basis over time, which is a feature that provides you with many valuable options.

Policy Details

Why You Should Get Golden Eagle

This policy will ensure your coverage until the end of your life and provides guaranteed cash value growth, as long as premiums are paid. If you’re not yet ready to retire but want to be proactive in protecting your family in the event of your death, this plan can help.

Are there any riders available?

Yes, there are four riders currently available for this policy.

Waiver of Premium Rider
In the event that the policyowner is disabled, future premiums will be waived for the duration of the disability, provided certain qualifications are met. This rider is available up to issue age 55 with coverage and additional premiums expiring at age 60.

Accidental Death Benefit
This will pay an additional death benefit if the insured person dies due to an accident, as described in the policy. This rider is available up to issue age 65 with coverage and premiums ending at age 70.

Single Pay Life Rider
This allows you to purchase additional coverage with a single premium at the time of issue.

20-Year Term Rider
Eagle’s Span can be purchased as a rider on Golden Eagle and is available if you are between the ages of 16 and 80 and looking for a policy with a death benefit of at least $50,000. Coverage is terminated after the term ends.

Additional Benefits

Other benefits of using this plan include

  • A minimum death benefit of $2,500
  • A minimum premium of $15 per month
  • A participating plan, meaning you are eligible to receive future dividends. While not guaranteed, dividends are scheduled to be paid annually after two years and can be paid in cash, used to purchase paid-up additional coverage, applied to reduce premium payments, or left on deposit to accumulate interest.
  • Policy loans available on accumulated cash value
  • An automatic premium loan option

Who Is Eligible for Golden Eagle

This policy can be issued to people ages 6 months through 85 years old. Qualifying for this coverage doesn’t require any medical exams; you only have to answer a few basic health questions and complete a telephone interview with our underwriters.