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Get Involved with the Midwest Veterans Closet

Posted by Admin on Nov 13, 2018 7:39:02 AM


It’s hard to argue with the fact that numbers are a part of our everyday life.  The number 497.6, may not mean much to you or me today, but for many it could be the difference between eating today and having shoes on their feet.  Let’s put the letters “lbs” behind that number.  Now you can start to see that number a little differently.  Those were the letters ELCO Mutual and their partners were able to put behind the amount of food we collected for our program, “Impacting Veteran’s Lives 2018”.  Midwest Veterans Closet, located in North Chicago, Il, relies on all the “lbs” they can get.  What makes Midwest so impactful to our local Veterans is their work to put on the pounds, day in and day out.  So much so that they proudly display the watchwords, “Where It’s Veterans Day Every Day”.

ELCO proudly volunteers at Midwest and reached out to their neighboring businesses this Veterans Day.  Those business neighbors climbed aboard the food drive train and learned that Midwest Veterans, reaches more than the hungry.  To encapsulate all that Midwest does for our local Veterans would take more than a few sentences.  This not-for-profit rapid response resource organization includes, life’s basic needs to enlistees, families, and Veterans. 

We were able to hear stories as we dropped our “lbs”, about employment and personal need victories made possible through Midwest.  We can’t help but think about all the volunteers that make every day happen for these men, women, and children.  ELCO would like to salute our partners this year.  Axels Automotive, Lake Forest Pediatric Associates, Master Control Systems, Inc., Dorma USA, The Exchange, and our inspiration, Midwest Veterans Closet.  

For more information about Midwest Veterans Closet, please visit their online site or visit them in person in North Chicago Illinois to put some “lbs” behind your commitment to support our Veterans.