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Posted by Admin on Jan 17, 2017 7:39:05 AM

Admirably Purposeful, Determined and Unwavering, Firm, Unswerving, Steadfast, Unfaltering, Persistent, Unshakable, Unyielding

Do any of the words above describe you?  Perhaps in certain situations they do.  My question to you today is, can they be applied to you when it comes to your 2017 New Year’s Resolutions?  Statistics show that you and millions of others will fall short this year.  Why does almost everyone have the same experience with this?  We make attempts at keeping them, but little by little, the resolutions fall to the wayside.  When we decide to lose weight, go to the gym, save more money, get our home in order, and fix our biggest failings, we lack an essential requirement for any ambitious undertaking.  Let’s take a look at what the experts have to say about this.

Experts agree that most individuals that set goals and successfully attain them, have three traits in common.  They all know how to say “no”, delay gratification, and if they fall short or fail the first time around, they immediately rally the troops.  Rallying the troops is another way of saying, getting our colleagues, friends and family behind us.  Experts also agree that the critical element that’s missing from almost all that do not attain goals or give up, is not being able to answer one simple question.  Why?  Why do I want to do it?  You should want this for yourself and ultimately, it will or can benefit those around you.   Before I go any further with details on how to come out on top of this resolution thing, let me make a personal confession here.  I am a Baby Boomer fast approaching my 60’s and have never kept or completed a new year’s resolution.  I say that confidently because research shows only 8% to 10% of people actually achieve them.  I take a look at those in the same camp and figure, we’re in the majority.  This year I take a look at five questions that can put me in the other camp. The resolute camp.  Let’s answer those questions together for 2017. 

Question one is, what do I want most in my life and career?  Let your mind wander and imagine the life and career you want, and give yourself permission to dream really big.  What stands between that vision of a better life and career is question two.  Third on the list is determining which people support you and which people suck the energy right out of you.  By the way, there is nothing that says you need to share your goal with everyone.   I find that having a great support system is probably the number one gift anyone can give themselves on a daily basis, even without the resolution question.  Number four on the question list is, how can I get specific with my goal?  For example, I’m really going to get in shape.  But what does that actually mean?  The psychologist Paul Marciano, author of Carrots and Sticks Don’t Work, asks the fifth question, how can I acknowledge myself for the hard work I do every day?  That’s right, something is better than nothing.  And the good doctor says, “Get up when you slip up”. 

Will 2017 be the year you join the elite and resolute 8% to 10%?  I’ll make you a deal.  I’ll tell if you will.  Write us back and let us know how you are doing with your New Year’s Resolution. 

Dale Lynn Dohm 

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(Contributing experts:  Statistic Brain publication, Forbes, Dr Paul Marciano Psychologist and Author, Christianity Today)

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