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Posted by Admin on Apr 26, 2017 8:39:04 AM

What does a former UPS package handler, construction worker, farmer, bouncer, and benefit administrator have in common?  Until these guys started working together at ELCO Mutual, maybe nothing.  Toss those old careers aside, give them room to research, exchange ideas with agents and clients, create, and challenge each other, and you have ELCO’s Marketing, Creative and Agency Departments.  What a pleasure to introduce you this month, to what we call, the “Ideas Team”.

The fast moving Marketing Department of three is comprised of Paul Grawe, Bill Bruce and Eric Grawe.   Social media is definitely one of their top tools to gain exposure for new insurance and annuity products.  A big push this year for 2017 is a greater connection with our agents and clients through social media.  This Marketing team has already expanded their research for client and agent friendly brochures, and is laying a foundation for new markets.  We asked Marketing to tell us about their day to day interactions with clients and agents.  Their response, every day is a good day.

Steve Leach’s background in technology and telecommunications has him very busy in the Creative Department.  His passion for technology includes mobile devices, PC’s and audio video equipment, which is utilized by the whole company.  Work for 2017 for Steve will include agent portal advancements and mass email communications.  We look forward to him creating training for the staff this year as well.  His recent website redesign ideas have benefited employee, client, and agent.  By the way, Steve likes when clients still call him for annuity advice. 

Who are our agents going to call when they need help?  Jeff Rasmus of course.  This Agency Supervisor is really engaged with the back bone of ELCO Mutual.  Building better communication with our Agents is top priority for not only Jeff, but our Senior Vice President Richard Leach, who heads up this department.  Dick’s years of experience have been a great resource for ELCO and agents alike.  Jeff’s passion of Physics and Astronomy by night has not stopped his daytime improvements of expediting the underwriting process, setting new agents up for all ELCO product lines, and making payment to our agents more efficient.  The Agency Department has really embraced our community of Agents and is striving to recruit even more agents in 2017.  

As you can see, these guys do have a lot in common.  Their ideas to bring the client, agent, and ELCO Mutual together is refreshing and innovative.  2017 is looking bright for ELCO Mutual as these three departments continue to push the boundaries.  We can believe it when they all say, “Our best ideas are yet to come”.

ELCO’s Marketing, Creative and Agency team,

Lovers of Aladdin, Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars Episode 7 the Force Awakens, Duck Tales, and Black Beards Ghost 

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