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We’re Listening

Posted by Admin on Mar 22, 2017 8:39:05 AM

“We are not just the department that helps its clients and agents get things done.  We are the Good Will Ambassadors for our company”.  That statement comes directly from ELCO Mutual’s, Policyholder Services Department.  We can’t think of a better way to introduce you to the men and women who do a bit of everything here at ELCO.  As you meet the Policyholder Services Department, we hope you don’t mind if we brag just a little, about the department that has taken on the mantra, “We’re Listening”.   

Small but mighty is how this team describes their department.  Paul Grawe, one of ELCO's Vice Presidents, heads up this department, along with James Huitt as Supervisor.  Rounding out the team is Andrea Slove, Janice Bradford, and Dale Dohm.  You might ask, how do they answer thousands of your calls in just one month’s time?  How do hundreds of forms get mailed, faxed, and emailed each day?  All the experience in customer service they bring to the table has something to do with it.  After combining their years of experience at ELCO alone, it averages out to 6.5 years of dedicated customer service. This all results in a 48 hour service turnaround time in most cases. This eclectic groups' outside experiences range from managing billing / accounts payable, to nursing home care, a 411 operator, and managing hotels.  You might ask, "How do people from such different backgrounds make it work?"  Policyholder Services believes it is a “no walls department”.  You could say it has a think tank mentality, in that questions, problems, and solutions are discussed openly throughout the day.  The results are quicker response times with the whole team supporting the client or agent.  The future in 2017 is bright as they work on processes and solutions, to make working with ELCO an even greater experience.

 It shouldn’t surprise you to hear that just as many calls and emails go out to clients as those that come in.  This department is on a first name basis with so many agents and clients.  It feels great to have clients ask for associates by name, and in many instances, share stories and family events happening in their lives.  Policyholder Services receives so many wonderful comments and good wishes before they get off the phone.  One in particular is captured on the wall of Andrea.  It was sent in from a terminally ill client and reads, “Andrea, have a great life. Regards Carol”.  Simply stated, this is all the more reason to let you know “We’re Listening”.

ELCO Mutual’s Policyholder Services team,

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