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Who should have life insurance?

Life insurance can be beneficial for most types of people. No matter how old you are, your lifestyle, or your financial status, there are options that can help secure your coverage. Individuals nearing retirement or already enjoying their post-career life may want a policy that protects their loved ones from costly medical expenses or funeral arrangements in the years to come. People just starting their family may benefit from a plan that ensures coverage if they should pass away. ELCO Mutual offers a wide range of life insurance policies that can fit your needs at any stage of your journey.
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Why do I need life insurance?

Life insurance is a way to prepare for the future, both for yourself and your loved ones. One of the most common reasons for purchasing life insurance is to safeguard your family against financial strain if you pass away. An effective life insurance policy can give your family the funds they need to maintain their lifestyle after your death.

Insurance policies can also protect your income needs and contribute to the overall success of a financial planning strategy. If you should pass away unexpectedly, the burden of making funeral and burial arrangements will likely be placed on your family. But with the right insurance plan in place, you can make the necessary decisions ahead of time, ensuring the funeral you want and lifting the stress from your family.

You may not know exactly what the future holds, but you can help control how you and your family members are impacted.
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I'm already insured through my employer. Do I still need additional coverage?

To make sure you are fully prepared for unexpected life events, having your own insurance policy is a good idea. Although you may currently be covered through your employer, this coverage is likely minimal and may only provide funds for basic funeral expenses. Plus, what happens if you lose your job? If you retire, will you still be protected? Instead of leaving yourself susceptible to an uncertain future, consider purchasing a policy that will give you confidence about the years ahead.
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