What You Need to Know About Riders

Posted by Bill Bruce on September 24, 2020

Different types of life insurance are designed for different purposes, such as to replace the income of a breadwinner, pay off debt, or cover final expenses. Often, it’s useful to have a combination of benefits that aren’t necessarily packaged together in a single policy. Riders are provisions that add or modify the benefits of an insurance product, shaping it to more closely fit the needs of the individual policyholder. 

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Benefits of Buying Whole Life Insurance While You're Young

Posted by Bill Bruce on February 26, 2020

When you’re young, a host of opportunities are open to you. As a young adult, you set a course for where you think you want to be later in life. That might mean choosing a career path, a community to call home, a life partner, and when (and whether) to have children. You also have a rare opportunity to set aside a little extra each month to provide financial security in the future. While people can start saving at any time of life, young people have more time for their investments to grow, which can make an enormous difference on the return they ultimately see.

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5 Things You Should Know If You’re Considering Whole Life Insurance

Posted by Bill Bruce on December 11, 2019

When you’re shopping for life insurance, you have a lot of choices. Whole life insurance can be an attractive option because it can build cash value and it never expires. If you’re considering buying a whole life policy, read this first. These are some fundamental things you should understand about whole life insurance before you buy. 

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